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DK Rap (From "Donkey Kong 64") Player2 05:47
Spiral Mountain (from "Banjo-Kazooie") Player2 04:17
Super Mario 64 Main Theme Player2 03:22
Trainwreck of Electro Swing (from "A Hat In Time") Player2, A_A_RonHD 03:53
Spicy Calamari Inkantation Player2 03:31
Simple & Clean (from "Kingdom Hearts") [Remix] Player2, Jenna Payne 03:27
Pyrite Town (From "Pokémon Colosseum") Player2 03:38
Emerald Hill Zone (from "Sonic 2") Player2, Vector U 03:07
Acid Hues (from "Splatoon 2") Player2, Vector U 03:55
Pokémon Title Screen Player2, Vector U 03:18

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