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Calamari Inkantation (From "Splatoon") Player2 03:35
Studiopolis Zone (From "Sonic Mania") Player2 03:05
Fly Octo Fly ~ Ebb & Flow (From "Splatoon 2") Player2 04:12
Waluigi Pinball Player2, GameChops 02:56
Chemical Plant Zone (From "Sonic 2") Player2 02:36
Squid Sisters Boss Battle Player2 03:31
Mii Channel GameChops, Player2, Smooth McGroove 02:27
Staff Roll (From "Super Mario 64") Player2 03:14
Color Pulse (From "Splatoon 2") Player2 03:51
Start Demo 1 (From "Star Fox 64") Player2 03:30

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Player2's career began at age 17 when he DJ'ed his first gig at his high school turnabout. Since then he's attended college for Audio Design / Music Production in addition to studying at various music institutions. Creating remixes, mashups, and bootlegs in almost every genre, Player2 stays hip with the trends not by having the most unique sound, but by knowing that "if it sounds good, it is good."