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Brazil-born Haikaa is set to leave an impact on the music scene and in the hearts of many. Raised in Japan and in the United States, the multi-cultural artist found her identity in music. The artist, author, singer, and songwriter paints a blank canvas with her storytelling and emotion-evoking lyricism. Influenced by her life experiences, Haikaa radiates an inspiring aura that many will be able to find comfort in. Having a need to express herself in music, she is an artist that connects with her listeners intimately. Moreover, she strives to create an experience in which listeners will find hope, love, and resilience. Her sound and style encapsulate her emotions rendering her music unique and powerful. With a fruitful musical career, her "Work of Art Global Project" released in 2010 was exhibited in Qatar at the annual convention of the UNAOC, the United Nations branch that promotes diversity. Other projects include "Heart to Heart" and "PeacePage" in 2011, "The Right Challenge" in 2012, "Turn on the Dark" in 2014, and the "Hello Mahalo Diversity Atlas" in 2016. In 2019, she launched her app "Hey Amigo" on Google Campus to connect cancer patients and volunteers for car rides and accompaniment. The multi-talented artist is creating her own artistic lane as her genre-defying sound will hook anyone in. Haikaa is an artist to keep an eye on as she is set to take the scene by storm.