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Positive pop/gospel sounds from Windsor, UK, to lift you higher and propel you further! Ansa2 ("answer to") is writer/producer Paul Harding, plus friends. It is a project born out of the creative ministries of King’s Church International (KCI), Windsor, UK. This is the story of the Ansa2 project... In 2016, Paul, a Lay Pastor at KCI, had a clear call from God to write songs that communicate the truths, the promises, and the hope that can be heard every Sunday morning in church. The next day, he sat at the piano, and began to compose music and write songs... Ansa2 was born! Paul didn't know where the journey would take him, nor who would come on board to help... but kept on believing. It was a struggle to move the project forwards around a full time job, family life, and church responsibilities. Then, in the middle of 2017, whilst feeling frustrated by the lack of progress made, redundancy from his IT job of many years provided both the freedom and the finances to move things forward. And one by one, many talented collaborators came on board to help bring the songs to life. All of the singers featured on the debut album - Nadia, Linnea, Lucinda, Jon, Lyndsey, and Massimo - are worship leaders at KCI. The final piece of the puzzle fell in place when rapper "Double O" - introduced by a mutual friend - entered the studio to record for a different project, and agreed to come back and lend his skilful rhymes to Ansa2. The debut Ansa2 album, titled "Change the World", was released in September 2018.