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Enter the Dreamland Meresha 03:59
My Love Has Come Meresha 03:14
Lights Out Meresha 02:58
Jungle Potion Meresha 03:28
Red Headed Lover Meresha 02:54
Juntos Meresha 03:23
Clay Meresha, Lucky Shirt 00:57

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About “Red Headed Lover”: “Red Headed Lover is about finding your crazier, more extroverted side, from within, in pursuit of what you want.” About Meresha: (❁´◡`❁)(musical) artist & alien luver.  Meresha is a singer, multi-instrumentalist, DJ and producer with a deep, wide-ranging soulful voice and a quirky sonic vision.  She is an #AlienPop innovator; so far the first in the genre.  "Alien Pop" is like pop, but somehow also out of this world.   Fully independent, Meresha's music has been streamed over 20 million times.  Highlights: - Alien Pop singer, creator, performer, producer and multi-instrumentalist - Ariana Grande had her “Jungle Potion” on her popular personal playlist.  - MTV and FM radio played Meresha's music in their Top 40 lists - Charted on Billboard album, single and artist charts - Grammy winners helped her shape her music and she is now a Grammy voter - AllMusic named her “Enter the Dreamland” Top 20 in the world - Meresha's performed with global stars like Marshmello & Adam Lambert and worked with brands like Adobe, Citi & Live Nation - More at