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A classical guitar and fingerstyle guitarist and composer from Akron, Ohio, Victor Howe creates thoughtful original acoustic guitar instrumentals which are peaceful, contemplative, and relaxing. His original guitar music is an ideal companion for work day and office focus and concentration, for study, or for relaxing background music for meditation, sleep, and inspiration. Victor's fingerstyle acoustic guitar instrumentals such as Awakening, There & Back Again, and Summer are perfect accompaniments for inspirational walks, dining, or quiet, contemplative evenings. His classical guitar instrumentals such as Willow's Wisp, Embers, With Hope and Reminiscence are heartfelt and emotional, transporting listeners to relaxing and contemplative musical vistas. Cello Suite #1 for Guitar is a stirring original transcription on acoustic guitar of the famous J.S. Bach cello prelude, while Amazing Grace offers a gentle, waltz like rendition for fingerstyle guitar. The 3-track EP Peaceful Rain offers a cinematic feel with tracks Distant Thunder, Peaceful Rain, & Quietly, After The Storm while Secrets (Cello & Guitar) marks the first multi-instrument composition. A Measure of Peace is a gentle and peaceful instrumental that captures that elusive feeling we look for but seldom find.