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$E$AME $TREET$ SadZilla, Booty Gum, Novo 02:15
ROBLOX v MINECRAFT SadZilla, Booty Gum, Novo 02:53
Selfish Novo 03:05
SUPER SAIYAN SANTA CLAUS SadZilla, Booty Gum, Novo 02:35
GOTTA GO FAST SadZilla, Booty Gum, Novo 02:35
OCARINA OF FINE SadZilla, B-Train, Novo 02:26
BANKAI SadZilla, None Like Joshua, Novo 02:41
ANIME FIGURES SadZilla, B-Train, Novo, GameboyJones 02:55
INDUSTRY PLANT LOUNGE SadZilla, Booty Gum, Novo, Waltertherapper 04:55
CATCHIN DUBS Ian I-Cee, Novo, Booty Gum 02:06

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NOVO is an Egyptian R&B artist and multi-genre producer. NOVO is derived from the French word, nouveau, which means ‘new’ – a new sound, vibe, and character. His introduction to music was a mixture of the eras ranging from Classic Rock, Blues, Pop, R&B and many more. 
 NOVO had travelled back and forth between Egypt and the United Kingdom. London became the creative hub and force behind his musical journey. He started his career with numerous tracks including his hit-single, Little Bit (2019), garnering 700K streams across all platforms. He is also an active producer and has major works throughout Europe, North America, and Africa. He has just released his debut project, Love or Madness.