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Seek No End Austin Rockman 06:44
Slowfield Dark, Austin Rockman 04:00
tape322 Dark, Austin Rockman 04:08

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Experiential composer and visual artist Austin Rockman paints upon the canvass of silence with seemingly supernatural projections of sound. Projections which tempt the ears to rethink the possibilities of the auditory arena. Playing upon the layered strata of subconscious interactions, Austin’s dreamscapes are guided by a purely visceral engagement with the medium, relying more on intuition than any preconceived notion of meaning. His is a world of metaphor and poetry, abstraction and haze, fractal and fog, rebirth and decay, turbulence and quietude. Following the release of his well received 2019 debut, “Plum God” Austin’s work has been described as crossing the border of ambient and experimental music and branching outwards into deeper, more complex emotional states. Austin grasps towards a personal silence and deep attention to not only the world of dreams, but the world around, of which there is no division, the one which we did not ask to belong to, but find ourselves inextricably linked to all events and purposes, all pasts and futures, across time. Austin is currently set to unveil his sophomore LP in March 2021.