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In Search of the Lost Sound Fernando Serrano was young, in Buenos Aires, when he listened to those croaking Tango vinyls that had been recorded fifty years earlier. Hidden treasures, lost in time. Music of unparalleled beauty, reaching us only like a distorted, intermittent radio transmission. Fernando danced to this music and loved it. He would have liked to travel back through time to hear it sound as vigorous and clear as it was then. For the next twenty years he danced, sang, recited, spread the music he loved, this music of the past, to the world, whilst in his heart a longing for the lost sound grew strong. If it could only be recreated… not a simple imitation, but truly new music! But how to create new music without the right vibes? One day he finally felt ready. It was no longer enough for him just to imagine how it was. Like an archaeologist, Serrano had searched in the bowels of time for the ancient sound. He brought together the best Argentine musicians and arrangers to re-discover the sounds hidden in the tracks of the past. This archaeological-musical research has revived the sounds. By rediscovering this tonal heritage, Serrano has gone beyond tradition, immersing himself in a mixture of unprecedented colours and musical textures that give the Tango new life. A rejuvenated, innovative Tango for our time. That's why Fernando's first CD is called The Tango that Was Missing "El Tango que Faltaba" ...