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ImButcher is an electronic music producer and DJ based in Vancouver, Canada who creates music that’s built upon personal emotions and stories. Each track tells one if you listen closely, and it’s this human element that makes his music so compelling. His latest release, Belladonna, shows Butcher to be an electronic composer with an intuitive cinematic style that’s clearly meant for bigger things. A creator with roots in the classic electronic sounds of the 1980s, ImButcher takes influence from many sources, including Depeche Mode, The Cure, Muse, and Deep Forest. Even so, his music is fresh and original in every way that matters and never falls into the imitation trap. The tracks on Belladonna emerged after a long hiatus from music production and were fueled by depression and other personal issues that needed to be kept at bay. This depth and realness help elevate the songs to a higher artistic level and instantly pulls listeners into their worlds. Whether the mood is contemplative or danceable, ImButcher’s music speaks directly to his fans. Aficionados of electronic music with authenticity and soul need to discover him today.