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Many rumors exist about the origins of Björ6n Oranj. For purposes of this bio, we will attempt to keep it factual. First of all, the 6 is silent. He is a creator of sound, assemblage, collaboration, words, thoughts, mayhem, dismay, philosophy and so much more. His location is hard to pin down. He is somewhere. His spelling is suspect. Defining his music is like describing the plot of The Bridge on the River Kwai to a cabal of cats. Partially, it is a reflection on not participating in current events while also definitely paying close attention to current events. It is experimental music born from mediocre spite, dungeon related clerical issues, great ideas gone terribly wrong, slogans for T-shirts, a need for the immediate death to idolized beauty and the heat of his eyeballs. It is the sound of the natural burnout of a relationship drafted by drunk cartographers dressed as cowboys. It is unapologetic and distilled by sirens. It is to be enjoyed at brunches with strangers as well as family functions involving crowd control water sprays. Björ6n is a founding member of the bands Squid1969, Squinting Matador, The Halcyon Brothers, and This Isn’t Just a Cult. Also, he creates the podcast This Isn't Just a Cult: A Work of Real Fiction.