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Party in My Head Pain 03:08
The Great Pretender Pain 04:05
Coming Home Pain 04:39
On And On Pain 03:55
Follow Me Pain, Anette Olzon 04:16
Shut Your Mouth Pain 03:12
A Wannabe Pain 04:15
Gimme Shelter Pain 03:58
Shut Your Mouth Pain, Rob Dukes 05:43
Eleanor Rigby Pain 04:25

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PAIN is an industrial metal project created by Peter Tägtgren, a Swedish musician, multi-instrumentalist, and producer. If you want to hear this story from him, it would be short and straight to the point: “PAIN was just me f*cking around in the studio, and it grew into becoming a band”. Started as a one-man project with all the vocals, instruments parts, and production made by one person… Well, it still is, but not only. It also became a prominent touring group that today consists of, apart from Peter, his son Sebastian Tägtgren (drums), Jonathan Olsson (bass), and Sebastian Svalland (guitar). Nevertheless, a long time ago, in 1997, when the debut album of the project was released, there was nobody but Peter. By this time, he already had four successful albums with Hypocrisy – and also had some ideas that wouldn’t go with the band’s style. That’s how the story of PAIN began – the story where 8 albums are known and loved for such smashing hits as ‘End Of The Line’, ‘Shut Your Mouth’, ‘Same Old Song’, ‘Follow Me’, ‘Coming Home’ and many more. This story also contains strong lyrics, rich arrangements, solid melodies, unflagging energy, killing live shows, and big plans for the future.