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Eclectic, organic, infinitely creative... Singer-songwriter Lissa Free's music offers an intriguing look into her heart, soul and mind... and daresay, her past and future Strongly influenced by her early career as a jazz instrumentalist, she artfully blends timeless sounds with a modern bent to create a soul-pop vibe that's undeniably touching and listenable. Her voice is soulful, smooth and distinct. And just when you think you've got her pegged, she reveals a completely different style and approach. Woven throughout her music is a use of technology that invites interest without sacrificing emotion. This modern warmth directly reflects her significant involvement in creative media throughout her career. Her influences range run the gamut from the folk-pop to jazz greats. Mix in a bit of indie pop, sprinkle on R&B or perhaps some electropop, and you'll soon taste her musical perspective.

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