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Coming Out The City Famous For The ?Pig Farm ?Murders Of Street Workers & ?Terry Fox, Port Coquitlam??(27 km East Of Vancouver B.C. Canada) Is Deezy Da Trap God's Hometown,?Born December 14th 1989 Dylan Pozzolo A.K.A. Lil D3Xd⚰& ¥vňģ Ģůïįđø£ Was?Diagnosed At A Young Age With A.D.H.D. Then Later A.S.P.D. He Fell Into The?Gang Lifestyle At Just 12 Years Old Selling?Marijuanna,?Ecstacy,?MDMA, & Perscription?Opioid Pain Medications Such As Dilaudid?(Hydromorphone) Which He?Abused For Several Years Along With Others. Within Port Coquitlam (PoCo) A.K.A.?PoCompton, Due To Excessive?Crime?‍♂️In The Area, He Lived On Coast Meridian Rd. & Prairie Ave. The❤Heart Of Northside. Largely Influenced By The Diplomats & UGK. His?Rap Style Is?Violent Lyrics Often Laced With Dark Heavy Trap Basslines & Beats. Hung Out With People Who Were Much Older Making Him?Grow Up Quicker Than Most Kids. Age 15 He Started?Writing✍Songs?As A Passtime Rather Than Doing?Homework. Later Found His?Calling For?Beat?Making?Producing?& Writing His 1st Ever Release I Got Racks (Freestyle). The?Noises He Would Make Clicking His?Fingers Etc. That?‍?Teachers?Hated Faded Though That's Where His Obsession With Making?Sounds Started. On December 11 2020 PHARMHOUSEproduction©️Dropped His?️Latest Single Dilaudid-It Again & Plans For A New?Album Release In The?New Year ! He Is The Founder Of WittyGang™️ "Its A LyfeStyle" &?PHARMHOUSEproduction©️?His?Studio &?Label. He Is Italian ??.