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R&B/Neo Soul singer michele. takes you on a journey with her dreamy music and soulful voice. Her music inspiration comes from listening to all genres of music from all sides of the world as she tries to break barriers incorporating different styles into her songs. With a soothing voice and a fiery personality that’s filled with character and charisma, Michele’s music manages to put its audience in a trance while sparking a flame of curiosity and exploration within them. Her voice and her music walk the thin line of vulnerability and sexiness yet perfectly establishing a great synergy, harmony and balance between emotional investment and steamy desires. Michele never fails to create beautifully intricate music that sounds like a blast from the past but perfectly contemporary music that incorporates futuristic sounds and sonic elements. Her first two singles “fire” and “fair/unfair” from her Debut EP “Our Story” out in 2020 were described as emotionally soothing and cathartic. Michele's passion for music always shines ever so bright, and her willingness to experiment with new approaches, new styles and new melodies is what separates her from all of her contemporaries.