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Breathing Ben Böhmer, Nils Hoffmann, Malou 03:42
Breathing Ben Böhmer, Nils Hoffmann, Malou 05:22
Lost In Mind Ben Böhmer, Malou 04:25
Ridin' Solo SAINT WKND, Malou, Clouds 03:13
Breathing Ben Böhmer, Nils Hoffmann, Malou 06:20
Better Love Jerome, Malou, Mokaby 02:36
Let You Go Malou 03:01
All or Nothing Malou 02:35
Breathing Ben Böhmer, Nils Hoffmann, Malou 03:50
Lost In Mind Ben Böhmer, Malou 03:30

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Pop and Electro Pop with an edge: young Hamburg based musician Malou enchants audiences with her magnificent songwriting, unique voice and her thoughtful, reflective attitude. "Music is my means of expressing emotions and defining my personality. It's an act of self- discovery - as a person and as an artist." With a wisdom belying her 22 years, Malou cuts to the chase: one should not underestimate the depth and (self)reflection needed to become an artist. The intricate arrangements are anchored by Malou's unique voice, ascending and descending scales with great virtuosity. Alternately she beckons with ethereal sounds and bewitches with her deep, dark register. Having talent is one thing, using and cultivating this gift with commitment, passion and courage is another. Malou pursues her career as a singer/songwriter with singular determination. She taught herself to play the guitar to accompany her lyrics. She sent the first songs to producers, publishers and radio stations. Not only her talent was convincing, but also the unruffled ease of her approach. She commutes between Hamburg and Berlin, is having writing sessions in Nashville and Atlanta, releasing features with artists like Deepend, Ben Böhmer and SAINT WKND and and having first synch deals for advertisement and movies. She is represented by Stefan Dabruck Management und signed an artist deal with Warner Music Germany where she just released her first single as a solo artist: "All Or Nothing".