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Crouton Cannon’s alternative funk pop seeks to smash off the melancholy veneer of contemporary music. Intricate vocal harmonies tell thinly veiled stories of losing a near-complete coffee loyalty card, hatred of Hawaiian pizza, and the implications of data privacy, driven by the retro rhythm section of drums, bass, guitar and electric piano. Bandleader Alex Marshall, bored of his tedious study of reptile skulls, brought together the London quintet to craft a sound influenced by Vulfpeck, Red Hot Chili Peppers and Louis Cole. The band features Louise O’Connor (lead vocals), Daniel Marks (electric piano), Jonny Cheung (bass) and Ben Swan (drums). Recorded on a converted lightship moored in East London, the band stewed up their driving grooves with David Holmes, who has worked with the likes of Maisha, Nerijia and Saint Agnes. Crouton Cannon’s debut single ‘Credit’, described as “jazzy”, “ace” and “highly listenable” by close friends and Alex’s mum, is an exuberant, funk-fuelled track in a string of releases in 2019/20.

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