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Emcee and Producer Master Surreal is a throwback to the days of true Hip-Hop, when sampled beats and jazzy Boombap were reigning supreme. Since 1998 he released three solo projects independently: "The Resurrection", "Evolution" and "Adaptation EP", also known as the Cultivated Assault Trilogy. Between '05 and '09 he formed a duo with fellow Emcee/Producer Skiggy Rapz. As Keynote Speakerz they released three projects: "It's Like That EP" (on vinyl in 2005), their debut album "Record" (2007) and the descriptively titled "Remix Record" (2009). Master Surreal has worked with or has been a member of various genre-defying acts like Kyteman's Hip-Hop Orchestra, Knobsticker, Ink Warriors, Neobash!, Pure!Soul!Power!! and Story Arcs. He has produced for artists like King Jule, Avi, Tifèn, Diggy Dex and Wudstik. Surreal is currently working on a new album and producing King Jule's sophomore EP, both due for 2021.