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About CrazyJ36, his music, and life: An independent instrumental guitarist, CrazyJ36s' guitar music is original, and exciting. Conceived and produced entirely by one person, the music is put out with intent to please any casual listener. CrazyJ36 targets world music, using influences of rock, classical, and jazz. The unique sound can only fit into A genre of it's own: world/rock or heavy world music. This comes with full-forced guitar lines and ambient classical feels that are bound to come together in the same way every time by way of CrazyJ36s' music theory knowledge. The guitarist, songwriter, composer, and producer behind the name CrazyJ36 is Thomas James Kennedy, born 1989 in Tampa, Florida, now residing in Central Florida. A self-taught and well-rounded musician, CrazyJ36 has been making Music since his childhood, always looking to hear the coolest sounds possible. All CrazyJ36 instrumental songs come with A personal and spiritual meaning. He believes that his musical note choices come from pure acts of nature and everything around him. - 'Mountain': His first release was recorded and produced years before the public release date. He knew it wasn't much instrumentally and therefore he never thought to let people hear it. But in those years CrazyJ36 realized that A song can only consist of what the musical story has behind it. The E minor rhythm and solo guitar parts grew on him so much that he couldn't resist listening back, often. This short tune started from A pop/rock but classical party vibe and was built from his love of guitar and the theory behind modern pop and rock music, he believes it should always be uplifting. Each note was carefully picked out here to tell the story similar to that of climbing A new mountain, which he says is the same process when producing music. Released October 22, 2019 - 'Ring of Guitar': The second release and personal favorite of the artist, attempts to describe the sounds of all guitar music through A rhythmic journey of multiple genres. Classical, world, rock, jazz, metal, then all over again, in one poetic story. The 'ringing of guitar strings' remains the cause of this beauty throughout. Also, the intro Em, C, G, D, Am, Bm, F#dim, Em chord progression in this song is what caused the exciting spark for CrazyJ36 to grow this exciting musical journey into something for himself and others to forever enjoy. Key: Em with C# and Eb thrown in for kick, or D Chromatic Bebop. Released March 16, 2020. - 'Shamanic': When CrazyJ36 was A teenager learning music theory, life itself, and enjoying primarily rock music, he realized what he actually wanted from his guitar playing: an enjoyable, ever-changing ride with which he could learn to play to his full potential and make more intriguing music. The two songs 'Shamanic' and 'War Tooth' were composed around the same time, during his teenage years. They are experiments of intelligence based on the new genre he had discovered and had been looking to create since his young interest in music, this world/rock music. With these compositions CrazyJ36 wanted to dig deeper into world music, Shamanic is in the key of D Kiourdi for example.The strong song names came from his firm self-taught beliefs about life and how the universe works for life's. After he finished these songs, his focus on the new heavy world genre continued into his next release. Released March 25, 2020. - 'Experiments Fighting': This song was built seemingly at random from it's classical intro, it went from simple classical guitar, all the way to an electronic music format then back again before he knew what would satisfy his musical need using this one-point based song idea. After some years, an interesting guitar solo came into play here, leading to A Houseini musical key, then one of his old experiments with hip-hop beat making also found there way into this song as the growling metal bridge. The title is what he initially thought the song sounded-like with it's new musical scale, then he thought "Hey, all that the universe consists of is fighting mental experiments, therefore the music behind it speaks for itself". Released April 7, 2020. - 'Walk Away, My Love': Cheesy names and album art aside, the songs' title, meaning, and feel was realized after the song was recorded, and was inspired by three things: A lost love of his that he just can't come to speak to, the title also describes love when it just can't happen, he also was seeing negativity in other people's relationships. The music builds-up to express A great vibe that comes with great feeling. This jazzy love tune started from the catchy (and 'keepy') Dm, Csus2, BbM, Asus4 chord progression. The artist then quickly found new ways to express himself musically in the simple key of D minor, leading to lovely and chilling solos' inside of an intense ending. Released April 8, 2020. - 'Know': This was actually the very first piece that ever manifested from the mind of CrazyJ36. The main ever-building string-fest originally was written when the artist was very young using A piano keyboard that was borrowed from his uncle. He had to get this rhythmic piano line out, so after he managed to fully comprehend music theory, this repeating, 'lowered' sounding piano/guitar feast was recorded with full power. The title symbolizes knowing your thoughts and sticking to plans that were naturally made, as in this song that wouldn't get out of CrazyJ36s head even after 15 years. Released June 1, 2020. - 'Tectonic': As the tectonic plates of earth expand and contract, we can only ride one at A time, and viewing what our world does can lead to different musical emotions. There may be calming and safe Classical sounds on top, but knowing we could fall into burning lava rock brings the Blues, and watching and hearing earths' cracks violently shift feels like loud, intense Metal and Techno madness! This describes the feeling you get when you experience 'Tectonic' by CrazyJ36. Listen to get to the other side of CrazyJ36s' newest track! Experimental like some others, CrazyJ36 wanted to add A dubstep to Metal in order to achieve A filled space in this thrilling World/Rock jam. Key: A Pan Diminished Blues. Released July 15, 2020. - 'Gateway Dream': This is CrazyJ36 new musical uprising that aims to bring the ‘happy’ out of his previous works: "Walk Away, My Love", "Mountain", and "Shamanic". The pure musical focus of this track came from his new musical uprising that gathers some of his best talents and throws them straight at you! The song contains A cool and atmospheric flow of 'scenes', with, of course, like most of his tracks, an exciting metal section to keep the audience dancing. Inspired by the music of Miriam Stockley and made for the music lovers, and for TV! In Eb Minor. Released August 2nd, 2020. - 'Thunder In The Sun': This project started with another one of CrazyJ36s' experiments in the worlds' musical scales. He had discovered beauty in A pentatonic scale called Hirajoshi Japan in his childhood, and more recently A mode of Hirajoshi Japan, C Iwato. He was first inspired to write 'Thunder In The Sun' after playing the C Iwato scale in it's entirety along with full 7 string chords that transcend the scale. The soaring chorus was born. Later, while adding notes to fill the project, tonal excitement rose with expansion to 7 notes consisting of the Ab Ragesri scale. CrazyJ36 was then able to use his meditative mood experience to finish off with one feel for A song in two keys. Also, while writing the happy and jazzy verses, an intense orchestral metal bridge section arose that is sure to put you on your feet. After writing and recording, he sat for 5 days straight to improve the mastered sound of this all-genre peice to bring together the full sound effect of thunder. With the idea of echoing thunder in mind, he suddenly realized the musics' meaning: "The suns' violent rays evaporate water, showing only thunder. More powerful rays break wet atmosphere, allowing earth to fall into the sun". Released September 21, 2020. CrazyJ36, currently battling Schizophrenia, says that his instrumental music was to be his outlet to speak about emotions and words that were always to be put out, though indescribable. In his personal time, for self-healing and growth, he practices A mix between Tai-Chi and Shamanism that he learned from books, close friends, and everything around him, allowing him to find 'the way of life' in order to constantly become A better person for his family, friends, and fans. He is also A software developer, he learned this though research just like music, and the artists' official website:, was built by CrazyJ36 himself for fans of his music. There you'll find enjoyable content, streaming service links, mp3 downloads, merchandise, newsletters, live performance videos, guitar tabs/sheet music, and more! CrazyJ36 invites you to get in touch on social media. He's always open for chats and/or business. You can also read several interesting lone thoughts from him on: Facebook:, Instagram:, Twitter: or by Email: CrazyJ36 music is available on any music streaming service. Simply browse the web to find him and his musical content.