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Tyrants Immortal 06:16
Blashyrkh Immortal 04:34
One by One Immortal 04:58
Sons of Northern Darkness Immortal 04:45
Within the Dark Mind Immortal 07:30
Withstand The Fall Of Time Immortal 08:29
Demonium Immortal 03:56
In My Kingdom Cold Immortal 07:14
Unearthly Kingdom Immortal 08:30
Antarctica Immortal 07:10

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One by One
Sons of Northern Darkness

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Norwegian heavy metal band Immortal were formed in Bergen in 1991 by guitarists Olve Eikemo and Harald Nævdal. Immortal epitomise the typical Norwegian death metal band with the various members adopting ludicrously pompous stage names such as Grim, Armagedda and Demon Doom Occulta. Behind these affectations lies genuine musicianship and an ability to entertain although it is presented in a style which many rock fans would find inaccessible.

The subject matter for the band's lyrical content is chiefly composed of fantastical stories about fairies, demons and battles within the netherworld and, according to interviews with Eikemo and Nævdal, is heavily influenced by the bleak, frozen landscapes of their homeland. The band have now released nine studio albums which have attracted very mixed reviews from critics. The band's most popular work is their third album 'Battles in the North' which was released in 1997 and is the recording which firmly established the band within the death metal scene and defined their style.