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3halves, originally called “3halvesbluegrass” began as a bluegrass cover band in 2017. Over the next two years, childhood friends Neil Mayfield (Banjo), Ethan Murdock (Bass), Levi Workman (Guitar and Vocals), and William Bentley (Drums) transformed 3halves into a progressive group focused on breaking down the barriers between genres. After releasing their first album: Livin’ in the Past, 3halves took a year long hiatus before releasing their most recent work: Personal Hot Tub. Personal Hot Tub features the musical and technical skill of 3halves and takes inspiration from great artists like Jimmy Page, Jaco Pastorius, Bela Fleck, and Danny Carey. Personal Hot Tub also features the lyrics of Aaron Boden, an integral part of the 3halves family. Personal Hot Tub was produced by Neil Mayfield.