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I Got Some DØBER, Almero 02:37
Do It Blvnco, DØBER 02:37
Silence Monocule, Nicky Romero, DØBER, Bertie Scott 03:34
Complete Me Teamworx, DØBER, Melissa de Kleine 02:51
The Light DØBER, Savage Kids, Rushline 02:30
Cream DØBER 02:38
In My Soul DØBER, Solr, Timmy Loss 02:52
Revolution DØBER 02:35
Freaky DØBER, Choco 02:32
About You DØBER 02:38

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Love Me Like

by DØBER, Mark Vayne


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DØBER (pronounced Do-ber) explores the realms of the music industry as an electronic music producer and DJ 
 While a global search for individuality is blurring the public understanding, DØBER embraces the versatility of his personality. This diversity is therefore also a profound element in his debuting release: the Twisted EP. Three tracks, all housing a piece of DØBER that calls for to be expressed. 
 From dark, mellow drops to harsh yet polished basslines — utilizing both lush and high energy vocals to convey and further bolster the theme of the tracks, the Twisted EP gives us a glance at what we can expect the coming years — expect rough, expect polished, expect to be surprised.