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Fresh, electronic pop that seems soft and fragile in one moment yet challenges the world in the next – that’s the promise of the newcomer trio WE ARE AVA from Eastern Switzerland. On the road for just three years, the trio has already drawn quite some attention with their dream-dancing sound, pointed lyrics, and the clear voice of singer Kim. Only one year after its foundation, the band released their debut EP Feel Them Listening. with 6 songs (including Go Home) in fall 2019 and reached first airplays and playlist placements. Playing more than 40 concerts throughout Switzerland, Andy, Nicola, and Kim showed their passion for being on stage and inspired with their live presence and rousing joy of playing. Despite the world situation in 2020, they didn’t resign and worked constantly on new music, releasing three singles in 2020. In 2021, WE ARE AVA showed how much the group had already developed since its foundation with the two further singles Conquer Me and More Than You Like Me. The tangible honesty paired with electrifying synth odds and ends caught the attention of the big Swiss radio stations and is reflected in a constantly growing audience. In fall 2021, their debut album Inner Gardening will be released showcasing 11 strong pop songs, that process all the ups and downs of one’s own being in a surprisingly direct and outspoken way. The productions were created through various collaborations at home and abroad, as well as in complete threesomeness and thus let one be curious about the further career of the young trio. After many digital concerts, the AVAs are excited to return to playing live gigs with highlights such as Open Air St.Gallen, Lumnezia, or the Quellrock Open Air.