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Music and performing are at the heart of Keegan Connor Since the age of 3, Keegan gathered her friends for backyard concerts strumming on her princess guitar. Her family quickly realized music was her sport! Feeling that music connect connects people, she wrote her first song at age 10 called, “Dark Eyes” which focuses on equality. At 14, she recorded 3 new songs, co-writing them alongside producer, Joshua “Igloo” Monroy, (Grammy award winner, Babyface), and JBACH (The Voice & American Idol). Keegan believes in the art of creating music that lifts people up. The first of these three, “all my friends”, is about the excitement to hang out again. It’s a pop song that centers around having fun in the sun and soaking up every last moment. This song is followed by “Dancin’ in the Rain”, a mantra to feel free to make your own way, release your troubles, and enjoy life. The song’s lyrics reflect you have nothing to lose as you run through the metaphorical fire and flames to find your purpose. Her latest release “Dove” is about finding peace at the end of a relationship and accepting when something is not working anymore. The song speaks of treasuring the beauty and meaning it brought at the time. Keegan’s songs are available on all major streaming platforms. Born in New York City, Keegan now lives in the Midwest (USA). She’s performed in 20+ Broadway-style musicals including a Zoomical by her role model Taylor Louderman, in a cabaret with Broadway stars, and attended Broadway camps (BAA) in NYC. She studies jazz, ballet, modern, tap, and takes piano, guitar, and voice lessons as well. For relaxation, she enjoys organizing closets when she can keep her two dogs from getting into her things first! Find her on her website (KeeganConnor) or social media (KeeganConnorMusic) as she shares her journey and songs.