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Max Marshal - was born on July 6, 1970 in the USSR (Caucasus). Now lives in Kiev, Ukraine (Europe) From a young age he played in different musical groups on percussion instruments. Composed songs, participated in the creation of copyright musical compositions. He performed at city festivals, corporate parties and other musical events. Later, worked professionally as a programmer, developer, teacher, consultant on business and finance. Since recent years, he has returned to musical life and is now working on the creation of his own musical theater show. The main component of his musical addiction is playing drums and other percussion instruments. Improves complex rhythm by playing odd musical dimensions. Dreams of creating his own drum show. He began to write author's music in the form of instrumental singles. He is sure that music can be not only audible but also visible. A cheerful, charismatic man who is in love with life and in the business of which he is engaged.