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Designed to empower musicians, managers and podcasters

Deezer for Creators makes it easier for you to track your performances and access all your data. It's the only analytical tool you need to better understand your streams.

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What do you get with Deezer for Creators?

Your data, your way

This app offers a completely free experience and access to the analytics you need, all in one place.

Stats you can trust

Access accurate statistics that can be used to help increase your audience and improve your streams.

Watch how you grow

Get an overview of your performances, split by music release or by podcast and episode. Track your audience trends over time, and episode completion rate.

Get to know who's loving your content

Go behind the scenes and find out who's listening. Learn more about your audience, including their gender and age, to help you create a targeted content strategy.

Sharing is caring

Whether it's key statistics or personal goals reached, share your achievements with your community and keep them engaged in your journey.

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Tell us who you are:

I'm an unsigned musician

You don't need to be signed to a label to get your music on Deezer, you can distribute your catalog using a third-party distributor. These companies handle the licensing, distribution, and administration of your music.

I already have a label but my music is not on Deezer

Deezer works with many distributors accredited to labels, including:

We recommend speaking to your label as they may already have a provider.


Who can use this app?

The app is open to any musicians and managers who have at least one track on Deezer.

How do I sign in?

If you're already a registered user on Deezer for Creators, simply sign in with your artist credentials. For new users, you can claim your Deezer artist profile by following these instructions.

What data can I expect from Deezer for Creators?

The app provides you with an instant overview of how your tracks perform, making it that much easier to monitor your releases. You can also see your audience statistics to find out who is listening when and how frequently, and you can share highlights and milestones with your community.

Can multiple users access the same artist account?

Yes - to enable multiple users on an artist account you will need to log into your account on the Deezer for Creators web portal and add new users on your users list. Currently it is not possible to make these changes on the mobile app.

Can I change my profile picture?

To change your profile picture, you'll need to log into your account on the Deezer for Creators web portal. Currently it is not possible to make these changes on the mobile app.

Any other questions?

Take a look at our support article for any other questions you might have.