Episode cover of Insight Out #2 - Quarantined Separately and Together

Insight Out #2 - Quarantined Separately and Together

Your Mental Breakdown

  • 03/16/2020
  • 21 min

About this Episode

In a special Insight Out bonus minisode during this Covid quarantine, Doug and Meredith connect with each other (and you) from their own homes. They share some thoughts about the ‘panic’ in the middle of this pan-dem-ic. They also reach into the YMB Mailbag to read a listener question about bodily functions in session! The Mailbag is going to be a regular feature on Insight Out where you’ll hear Doug and Meredith give their feedback, answers, and thoughts on your comments - so keep them coming!    YMB on Facebook YMB on Instagram YMB on Twitter YMB website