Episode cover of 007: Star Wars and Male Strippers - Andrew #7

007: Star Wars and Male Strippers - Andrew #7

Your Mental Breakdown

  • 03/19/2020
  • 57 min

About this Episode

This week, Doug and Meredith talk about what came up in Andrew’s recent sessions — Star Wars, jealousy, and male strippers, of course. Andrew shares a bad nightmare that caused a lot of anxiety. Doug and Andrew work on balancing out the “what if” thoughts and discuss how to move forward in life, while also being present and able to appreciate each moment for what it really is. Doug and Meredith break down the session and discuss how symbolism in dreams could be a key for themes in our waking lives.  Episode Webpage Contact Us: Meredith Levy Douglas Friedman Your Mental Breakdown   Mentioned in this episode: Stuart Smaley (Daily Affirmations from SNL) Brene Brown (the Ted Talk)