Episode cover of Vanessa Martir: Joy in Choosing yourself, Queer-Momma-Writer Style

Vanessa Martir: Joy in Choosing yourself, Queer-Momma-Writer Style

Joy Uprising

  • 04/20/2020
  • 43 min

About this Episode

Gabby sits with her hermana from another mother, writer Vanessa Martir to talk about queer motherhood and professional rebirth. Vanessa shares her deeply personal experience of having a mom who didn’t show her love. She calls it being “unmothered” and teaches others how to write through the pain. Gabby also gets the scoop on Vanessa’s hot-carpenter-butch wife and they explore the age old question of - “Do you put a plastic bag in your rice?” CREDITS Host & Co-Creator: Gabby Rivera @quirkyrican Co-Creator & Producer: Kat Lazo @itsKatLazo  Audio Engineer: Marcela Carbajal @uniqbeing Joy Revolution Theme Song: Angelica M. Rodriguez Joy Revolution Theme Song Vocals: Trent https://instagram.com/the.holding.space?igshid=tmgp6dxj4lck Logo Design: https://emulsify.art/ Bookkeeping: Marcy Mejia  Special Thanks To Julissa Contreras Special thanks: Jo Volpe and the New Leaf Literary & Media Inc. team. Contact Joy Revolution Podcast: joyrevolutionpodcast@gmail.com and follow us on Instagram @JoyRevolutionPodcast  https://www.instagram.com/joyrevolutionpodcast