Episode cover of The Beautiful Spirit Podcast - EP. #0: Introduction

The Beautiful Spirit Podcast - EP. #0: Introduction

The Beautiful Spirit Podcast

  • 05/25/2020
  • 02 min

About this Episode

Hello Podcast world! I'm Crystal. And I am super excited to introduce you to my brand new show: The Beautiful Spirit Podcast!  During these times where a lot of people are feeling helpless and unsure about a lot of things, you’re probably wondering what you can do to help someone else while at the same time, social distancing? I know, I’ve been wondering that too. And I’ll tell you what I’m doing. I’m using my skills as a degreed journalist. Most who currently know me in the social media world, I am @CrystalKnowsBeauty a different path I explored along the way, but I was a news reporter & anchor and I remember how the important information I shared through the stories I told affected lives in a positive way. I’ve been talking to lots of Millennials and GenZers, while sheltering in during the pandemic; those who don’t necessarily watch traditional news programs, and I’ve found myself sharing vital and uplifting information with them via text, and video sharing and social media. So I felt compelled to start this new show, The Beautiful Spirit Podcast, to help others to find hope, get valuable community information...and to motivate you to remember your life’s purpose! If never before..THIS is the time… Dust it off!, Implement and Execute it!  Who knows, you just might save a life while social distancing.  Again, I’m Crystal, join me on The Beautiful Spirit podcast, where I’ll talk with ordinary people doing extraordinary things, people just like you and me who have decided to live out their life’s purpose! If you’re not living out your life’s purpose, I want to encourage you.  Don’t Sit On It! Get to it!  Many people have lived their lives and left without ever fulfilling their purpose. Don’t let that person be you. Tune in to The Beautiful Spirit Podcast…I’m here to inspire YOU!