Episode cover of S2 Ep5: Open sesame

S2 Ep5: Open sesame

This Study Shows

  • 07/27/2020
  • 35 min

About this Episode

Vulnerability gives us power. Sharing science openly while embracing failure and critique is what makes research strong. Listen to what Rackeb Tasfeye, founder of Broad Science, Chris Banks, Director of Library Service at Imperial College London, and Kathryn Sharples, Senior Open Access Director at Wiley, have to say. Presented by Mary-Ann Ochota and Professor Danielle George. Produced by Listen Entertainment. 


Welcome to This Study Shows
This Study Shows is the new podcast from Wiley. The everyday world goes about its business ignoring research. But we need research – it can help us find big answers to the big questions our world is facing.  By transforming how we tell the story of science and building a foundation of trust and empathy, we can create a world where research captures the hearts of everyone. Hosted by Danielle George and Mary-Ann Ochota, each of our six episodes will ask the tough science communication questions: how? why? and so what? Subscribe to this feed now and you won't miss an episode.
01:36 09/10/2019
2: What's the word I'm looking for?
I do not think that word means what you think it means! When there’s a gap between what we mean and what is understood, it’s time to think about the words we’re using. Featuring Martin Glynn from Birmingham City University, science communicator Soph Talks Science, and Theo Sanderson from the Francis Crick Institute. 
30:16 09/23/2019
1: How do I make people care?
If “facts are facts,” why don’t they hold up against skepticism or doubt? Maybe because we need to find the emotional truth inside all of that data. Featuring Mona Chalabi from The Guardian US, Tali Sharot from University College London, and David A. Kirby from University of Manchester.
32:59 09/23/2019
3: Where did that idea come from?
Ideas are the “once upon a time” of the research process. If we think of research as a story, and scientists as the heroes, will we be able to build trust? Featuring Cailin O’Connor from the University of California, Irvine, Friederike Hendriks from the University of Muenster, and Will Storr author of The Science of Storytelling.
26:45 09/30/2019
S1 Ep4: What are we made of?
You never know who will ask the question that inspires the next great discovery. Research can help solve big problems, and there’s no way to do it but together. Featuring Rhiannon Morris from Unique Scientists, Stephanie Dolrenry from Lion Guardians, and Stephan Lewandowsky from the University of Bristol.
27:16 10/07/2019
S1 Ep5: Where do we go from here?
Governments, publishers, and the public, oh my! We’re on a winding road of impact, and if we want research to influence real-world change, we’ve got to find friends along the way.  Featuring Kirsty Duncan MP, Canada’s Minister of Science and Sport, Jay Flynn from Wiley, and Valorie Aquino from March for Science.
30:32 10/14/2019
S1 Ep6: Is it all worth it?
After all these episodes, we hope so. But when you’re trying to do a million things, sharing your story can fall to the bottom of the heap. Featuring Henry Dick from the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, Jennifer Cutraro from Science Storytellers, and poster pioneer Mike Morrison. 
33:34 10/21/2019
Communicating COVID-19
In this special episode, we’re looking at the emotional impact of science communication during COVID-19. From the media’s responsibility to understand what they’re reporting to the best communication strategies to influence the public’s behavior, we’re talking about how research can have an impact.
36:13 04/16/2020
S2 Ep1: Anger management
We're back for season two and we want to know how science communication makes you feel. Empathy is the name of the game this season, as we explore why research sometimes makes people angry, why emotional connections lead to greater understanding, and why we should never forget about hope. We've all had those frustrating conversations about whether or not the facts are the facts. Whether arguing over evidence feels like an interrogation or makes you feel like screaming into a pillow, our guests Naomi Oreskes, author of Why Trust Science, Rick Potts, Director of the Smithsonian's Human Origins Program, and Jim Hilbert, of the Expert Witness Training Academy, have tips to help you win over your critics. Presented by Mary-Ann Ochota and Professor Danielle George. Produced by Listen Entertainment. 
34:57 06/29/2020
S2 Ep2: All aboard
Our hypothesis: when people have the chance to participate in research, they understand it better and trust it more. Do the secrets to a more engaged public lie with Kolbi Brown, of the NIH's All of Us program, or Els Baeten, a citizen scientist at Galaxy Zoo, or with Sarah McAnulty, the founder of Skype a Scientist? Presented by Mary-Ann Ochota and Professor Danielle George. Produced by Listen Entertainment. 
33:07 07/06/2020