Episode cover of Dairy Goats in the City

Dairy Goats in the City

For the Love of Goats

  • 06/19/2020
  • 27 min

About this Episode

Do you want dairy goats but don't have a farm in the countryside? It is possible to have goats in many cities, but there are a few unique challenges. In today's episode, I'm talking to Glenna Rose of Vancouver, Washington about the Nigerian dwarf dairy goats that live in her backyard and provide her with milk that she uses to make ice cream, cheese, and more. We talk about fencing, housing, milking, birthing, and how to handle neighbors who want to feed your goats or who may worry about your screaming goat in heat. Today's episode is sponsored by Standlee Premium Western Forage, maker of my goats' favorite alfalfa pellets. Full show notes here --- https://thriftyhomesteader.com/dairy-goats-in-the-city/To see the most recent episodes, visitĀ FortheLoveofGoats.comStandlee Premium Western Forage We've been using and loving hay pellets from Standlee Premium Western Forage for more than 10 years!