Episode cover of #016 | The Tax on Being Different with Dr. Vivienne Ming

#016 | The Tax on Being Different with Dr. Vivienne Ming

Gespräche von Morgen

  • 08/12/2020
  • 1 h 10 min

About this Episode

Note: This episode is in English. For more episodes and information please click here: https://linktr.ee/teamvonmorgen Dr. Vivienne Ming is a theoretical neurscientist, AI expert, Author & co-founder of Socos-Lab - an independent institute exploring the future of human potential. She is quite the person: having struggled through failing out of university and ending up being homeless, Vivienne tried to figure out her path in life. Why was it she not the person everyone wanted her to be? Why did everything seem easy, but it still didn't make her happy? She discovered that making the crazy, irrational decisions felt right, rather than the happy ones and her life started getting better. In our conversation Vivienne opens up to coming out as transgender to her wife and how it has effected her entire personal and work life. She shines light on the differences of men and women, with a focus on entrepreneurship, in the workplace, dealing with funding and venture capitalists, as well as gender bias and inclusion and how she goes about these issues. To her this process is not about being right, rather than finding consensuses and making a changer based on these. With her company Socos she and her team have developed techniques to track economic impact of unusual and different backgrounds, building a system to treat diabetes, building new technology to understand suicide risk and now they are even working with UNICEF to track adolescent mental health around the world. In every way, Vivienne tries to do what's right for others and not for herself. Therefore she developed a tool called the "Inclusion Impact Index" to track the real time economic high growth entrepreneurs impact all over the world, especially during times of COVID-19. This tool will help reinvent your city. We hope you enjoy this really honest and uplifting episode. Vivienne is a great guest to have, setting an example for going for what you love and owning being different. About our podcast: How can a sustainable society look like in the future? What kind of world do we want to create? What technologies and innovations should we know about and how do they operate in our lives? "vonMorgen" wants to help you learn more about the future that is coming and how we take an active part in it. Jonathan Sierck, founder of "vonMorgen" and expert for digital learning, takes on interesting, challenging and intriguing conversations with inspiring experts from all over the world. In this podcast we look for answers and controversial points of views when it comes to the big questions of our society, discovering future technology trends and explain, which future skills will be relevant in time. We're exited to have you with us! Wie kann eine zukunftsfähige, nachhaltige Gesellschaft aussehen? Was für eine Welt wollen wir gestalten? Welche Technologien und Innovationen sollten wir dabei auf dem Schirm haben und wie wirken sich diese auf unser Leben aus? Jonathan Sierck, Gründer von vonMorgen und Experte für digitales Lernen, begibt sich mit Pionieren, Koryphäen und inspirierenden Persönlichkeiten aus aller Welt auf eine Reise in die Zukunft. In Gespräche von Morgen suchen wir klare Antworten und (auch) kontroverse Blickwinkel auf die großen Fragen der Menschheit, erkunden Zukunftstrends und -technologien und erklären, worauf es bei den Future Skills wirklich ankommt. Wir eröffnen spannende Perspektiven und Einblicke, die zum Nachdenken und Handeln anregen. Die Zukunft beginnt jetzt – mit dir – in den Gesprächen von Morgen. Unterstütze uns auf: https://www.patreon.com/vonmorgen Instagram: @teamvonmorgen Twitter: @vonMorgenLearn Facebook: fb.me/teamvonmorgen LinkedIn: @vonMorgen Webpage: www.vonmorgen.io