Episode cover of How you treat others say a lot about you.

How you treat others say a lot about you.

The Dang Good Show

  • 08/26/2020
  • 18 min

About this Episode

We've all experienced it: people who treated us so well and people who treated us like crap. Most of the time, how we treat others is a reflection of who we are. This topic runs deeper into how you treat yourself sets the tone for how others could treat you. In this episode, I shared my findings and experiences to provide you with insights, and different perspectives on how you treat others say a lot about you.  And I will share 5 tips on how to get others to treat you better.Know your worth and be kind Understand and respect that your perspective is different from others. Everyone has a story. Try not to judge people by their past, instead of support and show some love.Always be curious. Listen with curiosity, speak with candour and act with integrity.Treat everybody with kindness not because they are kind-hearted, but because you are. Thanks for tuning in to The Dang Good Show! :) Visit my website at c-dang.comFollow me on Instagram @christine_dangTo check out the links mentioned in this episode, visit: TheDangGoodShow.com > Under Show Notes.Mentions: Headspace App for Meditation - LIFE CHANGERVideo: How to deal with Assholes