Episode cover of Rosa Tang - The Value of Time and Hard Work

Rosa Tang - The Value of Time and Hard Work

The Dang Good Show

  • 09/23/2020
  • 30 min

About this Episode

Hello :) It's not every day we get to sit and try to understand the life of a Content Creator. Enter, Rosa Tang. A self-made expert who's been in the marketing industry for 10 years. In this episode, she will break down what her job entails - this is super good for business or anyone who wants to build their brand. Her purpose is to tell stories and articulate them through content in the most beautiful way. You can catch her on Instagram @thisgirl_rosa. Rosa puts in a lot of hard work to achieve what she wants because she believe nothing is impossible. The best part? We get to shoot talk about the value of TIME and HARD WORK. Thanks for tuning in The Dang Good Show! :)Visit my website at c-dang.comFollow me on Instagram @christine_dang