Episode cover of Interview with Little Gem

Interview with Little Gem

Tell Me About Podcast

  • 10/04/2020
  • 53 min

About this Episode

In my final episode of Series 1, HL's Nice People, I go full circle by interviewing the incredibly playful Little Gem; who incidentally the wife and submissive partner of my very first guest, Purple Sole. I talk to Gem about her life growing up, her sexual awakening, and her love of photography and sharing images, both still and live with others. We discuss events we have jointly been involved in and Gem's current project, Monochromeerotic. Join me in the series final episode of the TMA podcast. https://www.purplesgem.com/ https://onlyfans.com/littlegemfanclub The Tell Me About Podcast is brought to you by the D/s Community Website The SafeworD/s Club and BestVibe - Why not take advantage of our Bestvibe unique 22% discount code - hislord22% - which is available from September 2020 - November 30th 2020.