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Tom Ziemann – Finding and Keeping Your Dream Partner

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  • 10/12/2020
  • 29 min

About this Episode

What is the one thing that you need to make your dream life complete? A soul mate with whom you can share years filled with unconditional love and joy. What is often the hardest thing to find? That’s right. A soul mate. Too often, though, years are spent wasting time looking in the wrong places and often settling for someone out of fear of remaining lonely. Finding your true love may be hard but not impossible. There is that special someone out there waiting for you. That’s the thesis of my guest on this week’s episode of Dream Power Radio. Author and speaker Tom Ziemann spent too much of his own time in a futile search for lasting love, and he shares how he discovered what was holding him back and what led him to the secrets to getting and keeping his own soul mate in his new book Creating the Relationship of Your Dreams: How to Manifest it from Fantasy to Reality. Tom shares with us:•the steps you need to take before you go on your search•why falling in love with love is a dangerous thing•the dream that led him to turn his attitude around•where to find your true love•what to do after that first dateIf you’re looking for that right person or want advice on how to keep the love alive in your present relationship, you won’t want to miss this enlightening episode of Dream Power Radio.Tom Ziemann is a motivational speaker and spiritual researcher who delivers engaging, uplifting lectures on Relationships, Life Purpose, Meditation, and Anger Management. Tom has written two other acclaimed books: The Department of Zenitation: A Laymen's Guide to Making Spirituality Work in Real Life and Taming the Anger Dragon: From PISSED OFF to Peaceful. He is the proud father of two brilliant daughters, married to his best friend, and is a loving Cat Daddy for their ten cats. Contact: https://www.facebook.com/tom.ziemannGet a complementary 30-minute Dream Discovery Session with me by signing up at my website: thedreamcoach.net.


Jeanine Thompson – What It Means To Do Nothing
Go up to anyone and the one thing you can count on is that they’ll offer up advice if asked. Everyone has their thoughts on what to do to make “this” better or to achieve “that”. Much of the time this advice is valid and made with the best intentions. But it doesn’t always work. My guest on this episode turns advice on its head when she advocates the idea of doing nothing. While at first glance this may sound ridiculous or even a waste of time, it makes a lot of sense when you see it the way that psychotherapist and transformational coach Jeanine Thompson sees and practices it. As she tells us:•This is what doing nothing really means•The things that are learned from this practice•How to make your thoughts go away•What she means by ‘911 for the soul’•How she learned to connect with her soul and how you can too If life is moving too fast for you and you feel the need to slow down, you’ll want to hear what Jeanine Thompson has to say on this introspective episode of Dream Power Radio. Jeanine Thompson is a Transformational Coach, Speaker, and Author whose breadth of knowledge and experience spans multiple disciplines and professional expressions from clinical psychotherapy to global business to advancing spiritual growth. At the core of her diverse career is a passionate dedication to helping individuals live their highest potentiality. As a highly successful, former Fortune 50 executive, Jeanine led diverse human resource teams across the globe, delivered keynotes to large audiences, and helped navigate the way toward profitability while empowering personal and professional growth. An agent of change, she was a key leader supporting complex global acquisitions and divestitures. For nearly a decade, Jeanine led a thriving evidence-based psychotherapy practice treating the range of anxiety disorders. She was honored to guide her clients’ transformations and heightened levels of well-being, joy, and harmony. A Reiki Master and former Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT), she has a deep reverence for the power of energy and the body’s innate wisdom. She also holds a Master of Social Work (MSW) and numerous certifications including Certified High-Performance Coach (CHPC) and Rapid Transformational Therapy Practitioner (RTTP). Jeanine was personally mentored by renowned transformational expert Marci Shimoff, and trains yearly with the High-Performance Institute, founded by Brendon Burchard. She is insatiably curious and loves to engage in immersive studies on vast perspectives to advance personal and business mastery. Committed to service and sustainability, Jeanine has volunteered for decades with hospice clients and their families as they step through life’s journey and transitions. She cares deeply about the planet and creating a business that gives back to nature and is thrilled to partner with One Tree Planted. Learn more at https://www.jeaninethompson.net/ Want to know why dreams are the fastest and clearest way to understand yourself? Sign up here for a complementary Dream Discovery Session with me and never leave your dreams on your pillow again!https://calendly.com/thedreamcoach53/30min
30:06 11/28/2022
Success Strategies For Harried Moms
True story. When I got pregnant with my first child, I was writing young adult novels. I naively assumed that after she was born, I could simply put her in her infant seat where she would sit quietly while I toiled over the computer. As you can imagine it took a minute for the real reality to set in. I needed a different strategy if I were to combine motherhood and career. It took me time to stumble my way through a plan that worked. In those dark days before the internet I mostly did it by myself without a lot of support. Now you don’t have to do it alone, as my guest, mompreneur coach Ami Dehne attests. Not only that, but her mission is to turn the status quo of what it means to be a mother on its head. She does this by helping mothers create strategies for success in business and in the home. Ami reveals:•The qualities mothers need to bring joy and passion to their lives•How being a better businessperson makes you a better mother•Why you need to understand what children feel energetically •How to avoid the pitfalls that keep mothers stuck and unmotivated•What all mothers need to enable them to ‘have it all’•How to make your business sellable•The strategy that helps save marriages•Don’t know your purpose? – all is not lost•The ‘good’ fear that helps motivation Ami Dehne is a business coach who supports Moms in living a meaningful and purposeful life while also caring for their families. Ami feels that mothers who are inspired, fulfilled, joyful and living a life of purpose while also being wholeheartedly engaged as a parent are changing the story for moms. When she’s not mentoring Mom’s to getting paid to bring their creativity to the world, you can find her dancing in the kitchen with her kiddos, going on epic adventures both with and without kids, finding ways to exercise in stolen moments, and teaching her husband how to make her the perfect cup of coffee.Ami specifically feels that mothers who are inspired, fulfilled, joyful and living a life of purpose while also being wholeheartedly engaged as a parent are changing the story for moms. She brings an interesting perspective on the transformation that comes when we say 'yes' to our bold visions for ourselves and step outside of our limiting beliefs. She speaks from the passion she brings to her work, her personal transparency, including about her own life transformation, strengths, as well as her weaknesses. Website: https://linktr.ee/amidehne Want to know why dreams are the fastest and clearest way to understand yourself? Sign up here for a complementary Dream Discovery Session with me and never leave your dreams on your pillow again!https://calendly.com/thedreamcoach53/30min
29:05 11/21/2022
Kelly Sullivan Walden – The Proven Way To Control Your Scary Dreams
Hooray! It’s my 200th episode and my time to thank all of you who have been with me on this journey. It’s befitting that this episode is all about my favorite subject—dreams—and featuring the internationally known expert who made it all posssible for me. Dr. Kelly Sullivan Walden has dedicated over 30 years to helping others understand their dreams and take action on them to live their lives with greater purpose and passion. And as she’s quick to explain, most people don’t come to her with their dreams of fairies and candy; they seek help in coming to grips with the scariest of dreams, their nightmares. Over the years, Kelly has perfected her way of getting to the bottom of nightmares and transforming them into messages of hope and transformation. She’s here now to tell us:•Why we should never fear our nightmares•How she transformed herself by learning the message of her nightmares•Her 5-step formula for understanding “normal dreams”•Her 4-step formula turning scary dreams into magic•A sneak peek into the wisdom inside her upcoming book A Crisis is a Terrible Thing to WasteKelly has been my mentor and a powerful influence over how I’ve been able to use dreams to grow myself in this past decade from a painfully shy introvert into an influenctial catalyst for bringing positive wisdom to you through these podcasts. This is an episode you won’t want to miss! Kelly Sullivan Walden is on a mission to awaken the world to the power of dreams. A dream enthusiast of both the sleeping and waking kind, people often refer to her as “Doctor Dream.” But please don’t believe the rumors that say she’s the love (grand)child of Carl Jung and Lucille Ball. It’s preposterous!Beyond the rumors, as a “dream expert” she’s had the honor of interpreting dreams for Doctor Oz, Ricki Lake, George Noory (Coast to Coast and Beyond Belief), the hosts from The Real, Logan Paul, Stassi Schroeder (Vanderpump Rules), Topher Grace, the Housewives of NY and the O.C. and many more. She recently earned her doctoral degree in interfaith ministerial studies, and she’s the bestselling author of seven books, two journals, four oracle decks, and two apps. Her books include, I Had the Strangest Dream, It’s All in Your Dreams, Dreaming Heaven, Dream Oracle Cards, The Love, Sex & Relationship Dream Dictionary, Chicken Soup for the Soul: Dreams and Premonitions, and Dreams and the Unexplainable, and Luminous Humanness. Her newest book, A Crisis is a Terrible Thing to Waste: The Art of Transforming the Tragic into Magic comes out January 17th, 2023 with Beyond Words Publishing. When asked why she writes so many books, she responds borrowing the words of Jules Renard saying, “Writing is a way of talking without being interrupted.” Apparently, she has a lot to say. In fact, as a kid her family pasted a photo of her in their Webster’s dictionary next to: loquacious: an adjective for tending to talk a great deal; talkative. Talkative, though she may be, she’s not normally the type to drone on about her woe-is-me stories, which is why, in all her previous books, she’s written from a place of authority, as a dream expert. She’s proud of those books, don’t get her wrong. It’s just that, she’s recently discovered people seem to get more value when she reveals her “tragic to magic” stories than when she just skips to the “magic.” The collection of 30 true stories in her latest book A Crisis is a Terrible Thing to Waste feature some measure of crisis—shining a light on her flaws, insecurities, and most embarrassing naive moments. From a hot-air balloon crash in a wildlife refuge to a near-death experience on the eve of her fortieth birthday. To take advantage of Kelly's pre-publication bonuses for ordering her book, go to: https://kellysullivanwalden.com
30:08 11/14/2022
Florence Ann Romano – Moving From Helpless to Happy
Unless you’ve been living with your head in the sand, you know that are children are now dealing with unprecidented stress. Between school shootings, social skills thwarted by the pandemic, crowded classrooms and bullies, they’ve been under assault in a way that threathens the very idea of a happy childhood. No one can live their dream life when they’re stressed out and fearful. But as you know, this show is all about solutions and on this episode we feature ways to create the environment you want for your children to thrive, as well as ways you can ease your own stresses and concerns. My guest is childcare and village advocate Florence Ann Romano, the author of the upcoming book, Build Your Village: A Guide to Finding Joy and Community in Every Stage of Life. In this lively interview Florence reveals:•The key tool all parents need•The right way to allay children’s fears•Using the words that empower•How to control the uncontrollable•Tips for encouraging children to express themselves•When to help and when to stand back•How to ask for help when you need it•The value of community Whether you’re a parent or know someone who is, you won’t want to miss this empowering episode of Dream Power Radio. Florence Ann Romano is a childcare and village advocate, author, and philanthropist who has always had a special place in her heart for children. She worked as a childcare provider for over 15 years and believes the key to a family’s success lies in focusing on what she calls THE TRIFECTA - parent, child, and caretaker working in unison toward common, family goals. She has been featured on over 500 national and local media outlets across the country, including ABC/CBS/ NBC and FOX TV affiliates, Home & Family, The Jenny McCarthy Show, SiriusXM, and more. Her loyal followers on Instagram, Facebook, and Youtube have grown into a robust, engaged social media village of moms, dads, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and childcare providers that grows larger every day. Born and raised just outside of Chicago, Florence Ann earned a degree in performance theatre at Bradley University in Peoria, IL. She has served as President and Founder of a non-profit board dedicated to autism awareness and now serves on the Executive Board of the Children's Research Fund at Lurie's Children's Hospital and is a founding member of Sesame Street’s Leadership Council. She is the author of Build Your Village: A Guide to Finding Joy and Community in Every Stage of Life (Beyond Words, February 2023). Website: www.florenceann.comWant to know why dreams are the fastest and clearest way to understand yourself? Sign up here for a complementary Dream Discovery Session with me and never leave your dreams on your pillow again!https://calendly.com/thedreamcoach53/30min
30:10 11/07/2022
Brenden Kumarasamy – How to Speak with Authority
You don’t have to be a debate winning orator to appreciate the ability to speak in public. Anyone who has to present a report in a meeting, speak to a client or explain to a child why something is important knows the value of being able to communicate effectively. And it’s impossible to live your dream life if you can’t express yourself well. Yet too often people will find themselves tongue tied or even too afraid to stand up in front of a crowd to get their message heard. If you’re one of those people, you’re not alone. There is a solution, however, which we discuss here with Communications Coach Brenden Kumarasamy. He tells us:•The surprising reason people fear speaking in public•Tips on the perfect elevator speech•The do’s and don’ts of sales pitches•Why he calls words ‘drops of water’•How to create trust through your wordsat •What most people get wrong about public speaking•Strategies for overcoming the anxiety of speaking to an audice/•How to teach children to communicate effectivelyBrenden Kumarasamy is the founder of MasterTalk, he coaches ambitious executives & entrepreneurs to become top 1% communicators in their industry. He also has a popular YouTube channel called MasterTalk, with the goal of providing free access to communication tools for everyone in the world. Brenden does a free 90 minute training on effective communication over Zoom every few weeks. It's LIVE and interactive, it is not a webinar. I'm coaching a bunch of people for free on the call directly. Here are some topics he covers: 1. How to Present Succinctly2. How to Run Effective Meetings3. How to Master Presentation Confidence4. How to Present Yourself Effectively in Any SettingWebsite: https://www.rockstarcommunicator.com/ Go to Brenden's website: https://www.rockstarcommunicator.com to sign up for a complimentary training session.
28:38 10/31/2022
Janet Elaine Schmidt – Successfully Changing Your Beliefs
Anyone whose ever steered a boat or plane knows that sometimes obstacles will appear that will necessitate a course correction. Once those changes are made, the journey can conclude to its successful end. Well, the same could be said for our lives. We may believe that we’re going along just fine, but then something will come up—an issue or something within us—that get us off track. If we don’t do something about it, we may find ourselves in a rut or even a downward spiral. A course correction is needed. Often we may realize this is needed, but not know where to turn or how to proceed. That’s where my guest, healing facilitator and business coach Janet Elaine Schmidt comes in. Through her methods for reprogramming for success, she has been able to change self-limiting beliefs quickly and permanently. In this lively conversation, Janet tells us:•The real place where we get our programming from•How to remove this programming •Can you rewire your brain•Why healing just a mental block doesn’t work•The first step that must be taken to change your beliefs•What she did to change her abundance consciousness and how this can work for you•How your new beliefs affect those around you and what to do about it•How she desensitizes her clients from the effects of trauma•How her techniques are used to promote business success If you want to be in alignment with your brain to achieve the success that might be eluding you, don’t miss this powerful episode of Dream Power Radio. Janet Elaine Schmidt is the Creator of "Reprogram Yourself and/or Business Team for Success" and for a decade has been a practical yet potent Quantum Consciousness Accelerator™, Integrative Holistic Healing Facilitator, and Business Coach. Board Certifications: Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner, NLP Life Coach, Hypnotherapy. Additional Certifications: Eye Movement Integration, Advanced PSYCH-K®, Advanced ThetaHealing™ and the list goes on.. More importantly, Janet discovered by using four techniques, one could change one's belief system and reprogram for the success one desires in any area of ones life. To bring a client into the "whole-brain state" on a new belief. Janet's success rate among her clients speaks for itself (95%). Enabling business teams and individuals to identify and remove energetic blocks or ailments caused by inherited imprints held in the subconscious for generations. She teaches you how to recognize your program, imprints, blocks, or aliments and provides you with tool to discard what no longer serves you to have a healthy, prosperous, and wealthy life. Her combined curiosity with science and healing modalities inspired continuous self-learning so she may share the wisdom teachings with others.Website: http://janetelaineschmidt.com Janet is offering a 50% discount on her services for any listener to this podcast. Go to janetelaineschmidt.com and mention "Dream Power Radio" for the discount.
29:56 10/24/2022
Betsy Chasse – The Truth Behind Energy Healing
We’ve all heard stories about people being cured without traditional allopathic medical treatment, or perhaps in spite of it. Some people call it miraculous; others see it as luck. But others see it as the power of using the energy both within and around us and believe it just might be on the cutting edge of future ways of healing. Filmmaker Betsy Chasse had heard about and been witness to such healings, but as a natural born skeptic sought out proof of the legitimacy of energy healing. So, she interviewed a number of practitioners and produced a series on Energy Healing called Energy The Ultimate Healer, now available on YouTube. She sat down with me and talked about how there is now real science behind the use of this unseen force called energy and tells us:•What energy healing is and isn’t•How you may be using energy healing without realizing it•How science shows how energy healing works•Amazing examples of energy healing at work•The science behind auras and Reiki•Modern medicine’s slow move toward energy healing•The healing result that really surprised her•What you can do to promote your healing process•How to spot a true healer versus an imposter Whether you’re a skeptic like Betsy or a whole-hearted believer in energy, you’ll learn something new on this informative episode of Dream Power Radio. Betsy Chasse is an award-winning Filmmaker, Best Selling Author, Change-Maker, Mom. Best known as the Co-Writer, Director and Producer of the hit film What The Bleep Do We Know?!, Betsy has also produced and directed Bliss Up - Energy The Ultimate Healer, a 5-part documentary-series exploring energy healing. She has also produced the award-winning Song of The New Earth, Pregnant In America, Radical Dating and The Empty Womb. She has authored multiple books, including Killing Buddha, The Documentary Filmmaking Master Class, Tipping Sacred Cows, and What The Bleep Do We Know?!, Discovering The Endless Possibilities to Altering Your Everyday Reality. She is currently in production on The Galileo Project and Hanna's Right To Try. Website: betsychasse.netWant to know why dreams are the fastest and clearest way to understand yourself? Sign up here for a complementary Dream Discovery Session with me and never leave your dreams on your pillow again!https://calendly.com/thedreamcoach53/30min https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aFwQmEk0-10
31:11 10/17/2022
Robert Waggoner – The Many Worlds of Lucid Dreaming
While none of us wished we had to live through the pandemic, it did bring about one good thing: an increased awareness of dreams. Because more people were remembering their dreams, they became not only interested in what they meant but also developed a curiosity into where their dreams could take them. This created a heightened appreciation for lucid dreaming. Simply put, a lucid dream is one in which a person realizes they are dreaming while in the dream state. This enables someone to do things in a dream that might seem impossible, like flying or walking through walls or traveling to Jupiter and back. But there’s more to it than that and we discuss all aspects of lucid dreaming with educator and author Robert Waggoner who reveals:•The one thing that people think lucid dreamers can do but can’t•The rules behind staying lucid in a dream•Effective questions to ask in a lucid dream•What happens when you step out of your comfort zone in a lucid dream•The benefits to your body from lucid dreaming•What helps you become lucid while dreaming•The latest research on lucid dreamingWhether you’re an experienced lucid dreamer or just wanting to learn more about it, you won’t want to miss this eye-opening episode of Dream Power Radio. Robert Waggoner is the author of the acclaimed book, Lucid Dreaming - Gateway to the Inner Self, and the award winning book, Lucid Dreaming Plain and Simple, co-authored with Caroline McCready. His books have been translated into other languages such as French, German, Chinese, Korean, Czech and Finnish. A lucid dreamer since 1975, he created a simple technique to become consciously aware within the dream. A former president of the International Association for the Study of Dreams, Robert has given presentations internationally at universities, conferences and workshops. He also publishes an online magazine The Lucid Dreaming Experience (luciddreamingmagazine.com). Website: https://www.lucidadvice.com/ To get more information or to attend The Many Worlds of Lucid Dreaming conference, go to https://www.glidewing.com/iasd/lucid_dreaming_conference.html
29:36 10/10/2022
Sasha Graham – How to Discover Your Secret Desires
It seems counterintuitive that a simple deck of cards can change your life. But people have been using Tarot for centuries to do just that. Each card is a story unto itself and staring at an image can reveal things about yourself you’d never believe were possible. Best selling author and Tarot master Sasha Graham calls the mysterious power behind Tarot magic. In a return visit to our program, Sasha and I explore all aspects of this ancient practice and how it relates to our modern selves. Among the areas Sasha touches on:•How Tarot can be used for dream interpretation•The energy that’s unleashed when you hold a deck in your hands – and how to handle it•Why there are so many different decks•How to choose the deck that’s right for you•How to determine the story behind each card•What you need to do to be able to read cards for yourself•Why it’s helpful to keep a Tarot journal•The practice that opens you up to new insights every dayWhether you’re a practiced reader or new to the idea of Tarot, you won’t want to miss this mysterious episode of Dream Power Radio. Sasha Graham is a world-renowned tarot expert and writer who teaches and lectures around the globe. Her work has been translated into Chinese, Italian, Russian, French, Spanish, Polish, German, and Portuguese and she is the author of twelve books including Tarot Diva, 365 Tarot Spreads, 365 Tarot Spells, Llewellyn’s Complete Book of the Rider Waite Smith Tarot, and Magic of Tarot. She served as editor and writer of Lo Scarabeo’s Tarot Fundamentals, Tarot Experience, and Tarot Compendium & Tarot Original 1909 series. Sasha is a contributing author of Llewellyn’s Magical Almanac, 2020, 2022, Witches’ Datebook 2022, and Llewellyn’s Witches’ Calendar, 2021, 2023. Her tarot decks include Tarot of Haunted House, Dark Wood Tarot and the forthcoming Tarot of the Witch's Garden. Her Magic of Tarot and bestselling deck, Dark Wood Tarot, have been optioned and are currently in development for film and television. Sasha’s evolving story - you might call it a fairy tale - just goes to show you what happens when you persevere, follow your instincts, and believe in magic. Website: https://sashagraham.com/ Want to learn more about Tarot? Sign up for this year's Tarotpalooza event happening October 15th at https://tarotpalooza.com.
31:48 10/03/2022
Maggie Perotin – Finding the Leader Within You
Quick. Think of the word leader and what image rises up in your mind. A president? CEO? The head of your church? Or is the face you see yours? Many people are leaders without knowing it. If you lead by example, you’re already showing off your leadership skills and when you become aware of this, you open up new areas of growth for yourself and those around you in both your business and home life. The good news is that you can learn to be a leader, and Business and Leadership Coach Maggie Perotin outlines how in this episode. As Maggie explains:•Your mindset says it all•How who we surround ourselves makes a difference•How to encourage the drive to grow•Where to find inspiration to hone your skills•The surprising way you’re already leading without realizing it•What makes a solopreneur a successful leader•How your leadership promotes and inspires your employees and/or clients•How being a leader as an employee leads to greater creativity and more money When you become a leader, you become more attractive to others in many different ways. Learn how in this informative episode of Dream Power Radio. Maggie Perotin lives in Canada, in the Toronto area, with her blended family with 4 kids. She is a self-development geek, loves nature, traveling, and good food. She holds an executive MBA from Jack Welch Management Institute and has over 14 years experience in various corporate leadership positions. As an international business and leadership coach, Maggie helps service-based entrepreneurs make the income they want in their business and become outstanding leaders in the process. Through her DREAM-PLAN-DO coaching model, she supports her clients in becoming confident CEO’s by aligning their mindset, business skills and high-performance habits. This allows them to transform their businesses from an unreliable source of income to a client attracting gem. Website: https://stairwaytoleadership.com/ Maggie offers a free consult for those who'd like to know more how to grow your business: https://calendly.com/maggie-s2l/discovery-call?month=2022-09
28:40 09/26/2022