Episode cover of Mangroves - vital coastal forests - with Bremley Lyngdoh

Mangroves - vital coastal forests - with Bremley Lyngdoh

The Carbon Watchdog Podcast

  • 10/14/2020
  • 51 min

About this Episode

Dr. Bremley W.B. Lyngdoh is Director Microfinance & Ecorestoration of Earthbanc, which invests capital from their savers via microfinance to enable smallholders to plant mangroves and build sustainable livelihoods. He's made a career out of bringing people together to create environmental and agricultural projects. I caught up with him online in his home state Meghalaya, north-east India - just before he left to check on leaking uranium waste tanks that no-one will take responsibility for in the jungles of South West Khasi Hills.  We covered ... just how many million mangroves people can plant how cyclones made the people of Myanmar suffer where they had destroyed their mangroves saving money with Earthbanc funds local smallholders to plant trees how Earthbanc monitors progress using satellite data whether local people would really want tigers in the forests they plant! the beautiful wilderness of Meghalaya, with its living root bridges and 25m (75 foot) annual rainfall if Bremley is in fact one of the Na'vi and Meghalaya is Pandora the evils of uncontrolled uranium mining Go to the website for more: Carbon Watchdog