Episode cover of Carrie Hill on Creating Kick-ass Local Content

Carrie Hill on Creating Kick-ass Local Content

Adventures in Local Marketing

  • 11/24/2020
  • 1 h 01 min

About this Episode

There’s no doubt content is key to both ranking high in local search and generating more leads, but there’s a lot of mixed messages about the best ways to approach this. And often what ranks and what converts can be very different beasts.Luckily, we’ve enlisted Sterling Sky’s content creating champion Carrie Hill to get answers to questions such as should local businesses be blogging regularly? What kind of content converts? And what do you do if great content isn’t ranking?On this episode, Carrie reveals her secrets to make the words (and leads!) flow.Listen to learn:How to do effective content researchHow to ensure content doesn’t just rank, but also convertsThe mistakes to avoid when creating contentThe methods Carrie uses to make writing much easier