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Interview with Liz Black

Tell Me About Podcast

  • 12/06/2020
  • 55 min

About this Episode

In episode 2 I am on my travels finding myself once again in the Netherlands and this time I'm talking to the talented Liz Black. Multiple published author of erotic fiction and active blogger, Liz talks to me about her life growing up, relationships, her thoughts on non-monogomy, sex dolls and bimbofication.  I hope you enjoy your time with Liz Black as much as I did. Links to Liz's work and resources www.lizblackx.nl General information about Bimbofication: https://www.lizblackx.nl/bimbos-sexy-lingerie-submission-and-giggles/ The bimbofication book containing Liz’ favourite character ‘Clarissa:’ https://www.lizblackx.nl/books/from-deirdre-to-deedee-an-erotic-bimbofication-tale/ The book ‘His for Two Nights,’ originally published as ‘Ass for Auction,’ about an auction and anal play: https://www.lizblackx.nl/books/ass-for-auction/ Review of Tantaly Torso TPE sex doll discussed: https://www.lizblackx.nl/tantaly-review-of-stacys-mom-my-first-sex-doll/ Review of Amiga Toy Inflatable Life-size doll discussed: https://www.lizblackx.nl/review-amiga-toy-inflatable-sex-doll-my-first-female-lover/ Sex toy review site by Liz: https://www.lizxlikes.com Liz BlackX’ fiction relay stories:  https://www.lizblackx.nl/fiction-relay-part-9-such-a-sweet-girl/ https://www.lizblackx.nl/fiction-relay-part-15-sonias-demise/ Https://www.bdsmlibrary.com/stories