Episode cover of COVID Travel Update Hawaii Insider Part II | Molokai and Kauai

COVID Travel Update Hawaii Insider Part II | Molokai and Kauai

Covid Travel Update

  • 12/15/2020
  • 26 min

About this Episode

COVID Travel Update Podcast Episode 008 COVID Travel Update Hawaii Insider Part II | Molokai and Kauai   Welcome world travelers to COVID Travel Update podcast! I created this podcast for those who lead a travel-centered lifestyle. Whether you are a domestic or world traveler, you’ll find current information on the latest openings, closures, what you can and can’t do during the COVID pandemic when it comes to travel.   Listen to travel agents who give you inside information on their favorite vacation places, where to go, what to see, and the best places to stay when you vacation around the world. Find out where you can safely travel to each week by tuning into the COVID travel update podcast!   This is the second of a three-part series where I chat with Tony Labbe of @labbetravel about the culture, things to do, and insider tips on six of the Hawaiian Islands. In part II this week, I’ll be talking to Tony about the beautiful islands of Molokai and Kauai, what’s unique about each of these islands, his favorite places to stay and recommendations on an amazing luxury cruise offered in Kauai.   Remember to be safe, wear a mask, wash your hands often, and definitely do not travel if you are in a high-risk group for COVID! See the link on Hawaii travel restrictions below for the latest information on Hawaii travel.   The Hawaiian Islands   Did you know there are a total of 132 islands in Hawaii? With eight main islands, Hawaii is the only state that is entirely surrounded by water and the only state that was formerly ruled by a monarchy and the only state that grows coffee.   The earliest settlers arrived in Hawaii around 800Ad, and Captain Cook was the first European voyager to discover Hawaii in 1778. Once Hawaii was incorporated into the United States, Lahaina, Maui was the first capital, which was then moved to the current capital of Honolulu on the big island.    Mauna Kea, on the Big Island, is the tallest mountain in the world when measured from the seafloor, and Hawaii has many active volcanoes that are in the process of making this island chain larger every year. Besides being the tallest mountain, this is also the location of a ski resort and receives snow every winter!   My guest, Tony Labbe, suggests trying several different restaurants while visiting any Hawaiian Island as world-renowned chefs are cooking up exquisite meals at many of the culinary choices in Hawaii. For those of us who are gluten-free, this equates to having the ability to safely eat gourmet meals with a beautiful view of the ocean!   Cruise Hawaii   Tony suggests flying into Hawaii and starting at one of the islands for your Hawaiian cruise. When you begin your Hawaiian journey from the islands, you’ll forgo the long trip across the ocean and spend many of your cruise days at sea. Easily go island hopping and find new adventures on your journey!   Things to do in Molokai   “Molokai is usually not the first Hawaiian island people visit,” says Tony. Off the beaten path, rustic and rugged environment so much so that there are no stop signs or stoplights on the entire island! A much simpler lifestyle on this island, “When you get there, you just slow down.”   Even though Hawaii is known for its championship golf, there are no golf courses on Molokai. Unlike its other island counterparts, Molokai does not feature luxury resorts. Tony suggests going to this unique island to experience more Hawaiian cultural foods, such as Poi, the fresh fish such as Ahi, and other local dishes.   Visiting Kauai   The geologically oldest island, Kauai, has lush rainforests, with the North Shore receiving the most rainfall of this island. On the top of the list for places to visit is Waimea Canyon, dubbed the “Grand Canyon of Hawaii,” take a helicopter ride to the Nepali Coast, and, of course, hiking through the forest.   Take to the water for river or sea kayaking, SUP, and snorkeling. Find some of the most fantastic ziplining through the Kauai rainforest, or take an UnCruise aboard a ship with only 34 other passengers to experience the ultimate in luxury cruise travel!   The Guide to Traveling Gluten Free Are you anxious about traveling with Celiacs Disease? Does the thought of getting sick on vacation worry you to no end? Unsure of what travel options are safe and how to choose a safe restaurant away from home for you and your children? The Guide to Traveling Gluten Free will walk you through the process of planning and enjoying your next gluten-free travel adventure! Take the guesswork out of how to travel, where to go, and how to eat safely when you follow the information in my guide. Whether you are celiacs or gluten intolerant, my guide will give you handy information to delight in your next vacation experience! Learn how to take a trip safely, what questions to ask when you are at a restaurant and which online tools and apps to utilize to find safe, dedicated gluten-free restaurants and food options. Find out what stores to shop at to purchase gluten-free food, determine if a restaurant is gluten-free or celiac friendly, and when you should walk out of a restaurant.  Links and Resources Check out my latest videos on my YouTube Channel Grab the Guide to Traveling Gluten Free Get the BEST all-natural gluten-free travel cosmetics at Lemongrass Spa! Visit my Travel Deals page on my website Support Travel Gluten Free on Patreon   Connect with Labbe Travel Labbe Travel on Instagram Visit Labbe Travel On the Web Get your free Travel Trends Report from Labbe Travel COVID travel report on Hawaii Travel Journey with COVID Travel Update via Travel Gluten Free on Social Media YouTube  Twitter   Facebook   Pinterest    Instagram    On the Web   Share the most up-to-date COVID travel information and share this episode with a friend!   ***Disclaimer: All content found on the Travel Gluten Free Website, COVID Travel Update website and podcast, including text, images, audio, or other formats were created for informational purposes only. Content contained on Travel Gluten Free and COVID Travel Update website, podcast and social media postings are not intended to be a substitute for professional advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always create plans with a licensed travel planner for your vacation.