Episode cover of Embracing opportunities with Julia Langkraehr

Embracing opportunities with Julia Langkraehr

Conquer New Markets By Breaking Language Barriers

  • 12/18/2020
  • 56 min

About this Episode

Julia Langkraehr is an entrepreneur and the UK’s first EOS implementer. Having succeeded on the high sees of entrepreneurism she’s using her experience to help others do the same.   She talks about her life in business, how she grew her start up from scratch to a thriving enterprise pulling in revenue of £30 million. She has taken her success and used it to help others. As a business mentor she’s helped 55 entrepreneurs scale and grow. She’s been named among the UK’s top ten entrepreneurs and is a finalist in the 2020 National Business, Newman's awards. She talks about making the leap from the corporate world to become an entrepreneur doing pop up retail way before the pop up boom exploded. Being a successful entrepreneur, she says is all about seeing an opportunity and taking it. It’s a lesson which will stand all budding entrepreneurs in good stead in the turbulent world of COVID 19. Her latest venture sees her become the first EOS implementer in the UK. Created in America by Gino Wickman, the Entrepreneurial operating system is a methodology to help entrepreneurs grow. She talks about how she’s using it to help other entrepreneurs thrive.