Episode cover of Emotional Self-Mastery Podcast: Starting Anew

Emotional Self-Mastery Podcast: Starting Anew

Emotional Self Mastery

  • 01/07/2021
  • 30 min

About this Episode

Starting anew. Whether it’s a new year, new month, new day, new relationship, starting anew leaves us with the question, “What am I going to take with me to my next experience?”I think of it like moving from an old house to a new one and what I’ll take with me to the new place.Am I going to pack everything and move it? Try to make it fit into my new space whether it should or not? Probably not. I’m probably going to have a bit of trash and undesired things to discard before moving.Starting anew and moving forward requires that we let go of some things-physically, psychologically and emotionally. Shedding the physical stuff is a lot easier than the mental and emotional. But starting anew is when we need to let go the psychological junk, too-It may be time to challenge and let go of old patterns that we’ve operated from. All too often we hold on to emotional hurts and traumas, carrying them with us like backpacks wherever we go. We will even bring them into new relationships. Those old emotions can become a wall or barrier to protect our heart from getting hurt again. However, when we put up a wall it blocks our ability to receive from others. It can also create suspicion and distrust when there not any reason for it.What are you taking with you into 2021? Click here for these answers and complete show notes.Cheryl C Jones is a facilitator, author, mind-set coach and podcast host who works with individuals and corporate work teams to quickly get to the issues inhibiting them from reaching their goals, overcome the issues and achieve real success.Cheryl@SimplyTheBestResults.com www.SimplyTheBestResults.com Facebook: Simply The Best ResultsLinkedIn: Cheryl C Jones210-545-2378Podcasts:-Getting Simply The Best Results-Emotional Self-MasteryAuthor of:Emotional Self-MasteryThe Best Book on Regaining Personal Power, Self-Confidence and Peace90 Companion JournalBoth available on AmazonKathi Holzschuher is a marketing strategist, content writer and podcast producer.She works with Cheryl C Jones as marketing manager and podcast producer. Kathi@SimplyTheBestResults.com Facebook: Kathi HolzschuherLinkedIn: Kathi Holzschuher210-393-3906