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Emotional Self-Mastery Podcast: Jealousy

Emotional Self Mastery

  • 01/14/2021
  • 27 min

About this Episode

Do you remember a time when you felt jealous?Jealousy is a complex emotion.It is both human and animal and is directly related to self-esteem. When self-esteem is threatened, we become jealous. The more fragile our self-esteem the more likely we will be jealous of something or someone.We usually think about jealousy in a romantic sense. But there are different kinds of jealousy.There is sibling jealousy-when one sibling thinks the other is getting more than they are. There is co-worker jealousy and friend jealousy.Once a relationship starts to become permanent, ongoing, or one that we count on, there’s a dependence that occurs. If both people are committed, there is an interdependence that occurs-that the other person is going to be available. Sometimes things get in the way and that person isn’t available and we feel jealous. Maybe they are on a trip without you, or out to lunch with another friend. It’s really just fear.I’m sometimes jealous of my husband’s job when he is paying more attention to it than me. That’s another kind of jealousy.Then there’s this thing called envy. Envy looks like jealousy, but they aren’t the same. Jealousy requires a 3rd party-person, job, sport, etc.Envy is when you want what someone else has-wealth, status, opportunity, etc.Are we envious or jealous?What creates jealousy?What can we do?Click here for these answers and complete show notes.Cheryl C Jones is a facilitator, author, mind-set coach and podcast host who works with individuals and corporate work teams to quickly get to the issues inhibiting them from reaching their goals, overcome the issues and achieve real success.Cheryl@SimplyTheBestResults.com www.SimplyTheBestResults.com Facebook: Simply The Best ResultsLinkedIn: Cheryl C Jones210-545-2378Podcasts:-Getting Simply The Best Results-Emotional Self-MasteryAuthor of:Emotional Self-MasteryThe Best Book on Regaining Personal Power, Self-Confidence and Peace90 Companion JournalBoth available on AmazonKathi Holzschuher is a marketing strategist, content writer and podcast producer.She works with Cheryl C Jones as marketing manager and podcast producer. Kathi@SimplyTheBestResults.com Facebook: Kathi HolzschuherLinkedIn: Kathi Holzschuher210-393-3906