Episode cover of Emotional Self-Mastery Podcast: Impostor Syndrome -Part 2, Resolution

Emotional Self-Mastery Podcast: Impostor Syndrome -Part 2, Resolution

Emotional Self Mastery

  • 01/28/2021
  • 24 min

About this Episode

Last week we defined the Impostor syndrome and explored the financial and emotional costs involved with not getting it resolved.To recap, Impostor Syndrome is defined as a psychological pattern in which an individual questions their skills, abilities, talents, or accomplishments. It causes the person to have self-doubt and to internalize the fear of “being found out” or exposed as a “fraud” -as something other than as they presented themselves. Those who experience Impostor Syndrome (IS) have difficulty internalizing their accomplishments.When you internalize your accomplishments, you fully recognize and accept your role in making it happen. You know that it was not by chance or luck that you achieved the result. You achieved it because you did the work to make it happen.Download complete show notes here. Here’s the thing, IS shows up as a little voice inside your head listing the reasons you should not take action. My little voice says unhelpful things like, “You’re not ready for that”, “Who are you kidding? You are not all that”, “What makes you think you know what you’re talking about?”.I like to call that little voice by her initials, SDB, for Self-Defeating Brat.  I cleaned her title up a bit for our listening audience. The “B” actually has a different word associated with it.What I can tell you is, SDB used to have a lot of power over me and how I felt about myself. Listening to her question me and challenge me just wore me down. It was really difficult to power through her negativity.Have you experienced the voice of an SDB in your life?I’d like to take you through a little recall exercise- here.Schedule a 30 Minute Discovery Session with CherylSpecial pricing for podcast listeners-$50/30 Minutes.Join the Group! Emotional Self Mastery Podcast GroupCheryl C Jones is a facilitator, author, mind-set coach and podcast host who works with individuals and corporate work teams to quickly get to the issues inhibiting them from reaching their goals, overcome the issues and achieve real success.Cheryl@SimplyTheBestResults.comwww.SimplyTheBestResults.comFacebook: Simply The Best ResultsLinkedIn: Cheryl C Jones210-545-2378Podcasts:Getting Simply The Best ResultsEmotional Self-MasteryAuthor of:Emotional Self-Mastery: The Best Book on Regaining Personal Power, Self-Confidence and Peace90 Companion JournalBoth available on AmazonKathi Holzschuher is a marketing strategist, content writer and podcast producer.She works with Cheryl C Jones as marketing manager and podcast producer.Kathi@SimplyTheBestResults.comFacebook: Kathi HolzschuherLinkedIn: Kathi Holzschuher210-393-3906