Episode cover of Emotional Self-Mastery Podcast: What’s Your Relationship with Money?

Emotional Self-Mastery Podcast: What’s Your Relationship with Money?

Emotional Self Mastery

  • 02/04/2021
  • 14 min

About this Episode

Today we are talking about, our relationship with money.This is a subject that is an off-shoot of the Impostor Syndrome.Our relationship with money and Imposter Syndrome are tied together through our emotions.If you haven't already listened to the 2 episodes on Impostor Syndrome, I recommend that you do, as well as the next several podcasts to come.Well, actually, I recommend listening to ALL of our episodes, but yes, the last two on Impostor Syndrome would be helpful to hear to better understand its pervasiveness.Today, we are homing in on our relationship with money.Click here to download complete show notes.To illustrate what I’m talking about, I have a story for you.There was a young man, I'll call him James.  Throughout James’ childhood and even into adulthood, James has never had a piggy bank, a wallet, or any kind of safe place to store his money. Actually, it wasn’t that he didn’t have one. He just didn’t use one.If you were to visit James now, in adulthood, you would notice that he still tends to leave his money laying around his house.  You would find dollar bills in the couch or wadded up on the floor. He often leaves bills in the pockets of dirty jeans. He has little respect for his money. Consequently, he rarely has any to speak of.What do you think would happen if James treated his girlfriend with the same level of carelessness as he does with his money?I expect that she would not be around for very long.You don't have to be like James, and leave your money laying on the floor, to have a good idea about what's going on with your relationship with money.Cheryl C Jones is a facilitator, author, mind-set coach and podcast host who works with individuals and corporate work teams to quickly get to the issues inhibiting them from reaching their goals, overcome the issues and achieve real success.Cheryl@SimplyTheBestResults.comwww.SimplyTheBestResults.comFacebook: Simply The Best ResultsLinkedIn: Cheryl C Jones210-545-2378Podcasts:Getting Simply The Best ResultsEmotional Self-MasteryAuthor of:Emotional Self-MasteryThe Best Book on Regaining Personal Power, Self-Confidence and Peace90 Companion JournalBoth available on AmazonKathi Holzschuher is a marketing strategist, content writer and podcast producer.She works with Cheryl C Jones as marketing & content manager and podcast producer.Kathi@SimplyTheBestResults.comFacebook: Kathi HolzschuherLinkedIn: Kathi Holzschuher210-393-3906