Episode cover of Why Don’t You Have More Money?

Why Don’t You Have More Money?

Emotional Self Mastery

  • 02/11/2021
  • 19 min

About this Episode

Today we are exploring “Why you don’t have more money”Kathi-Um, excuse me? Why are we discussing my finances?Cheryl-I don’t mean you specifically, I’m speaking to women who are or have been chronic underearners in their careers and businesses.Click here to download complete show notes.Kathi-Well, that would be me-LOL-Actually, this sounds like a subject many women would be interested in-and men too, but I think it’s probably primarily a women’s issue-am I right?Cheryl-You would be right. And yes, it does happen to men as well, so I do encourage them to continue listening.Kathi-So, why does this happen to us?Cheryl-There can be many contributing factors to why we don't earn more and keep more of our money. But the primary one lies at our core. In the stories, we have been told and those we tell ourselvesLet me ask our listeners...As a business owner, have you ever decided to discount your fees/prices so that you could get the sale?As an employee, have you ever just taken the salary they offered and never thought to negotiate for more?As an artist, actor, healer, non-profit, have you come to believe what you‘ve heard others say there's no money in that field.If any of these describes you, like they have me in the past, then we’ve both missed opportunities. Opportunities to receive what we deserved for our products, services and talent.Unfortunately, this happens so frequently to so many of us that we come to believe that this is the way life is. Like there is no other way.