Episode cover of Jane Golding and Mark Kitcatt

Jane Golding and Mark Kitcatt


  • 03/15/2021
  • 30 min

About this Episode

All about Brexit with Jane Golding, IMPALA’s regulatory lawyer and Mark Kitcatt from Everlasting Records, Spain. So what is life after Brexit for music companies, artists and citizens? Mark and Jane (who is also co-chair of British in Europe) talk about the current impact of Brexit on the music sector and also their own lives, why it is important for music companies and artists to be informed and vocal about the issues of mobility, touring, the economy and of course, what’s on their playlists.On Jane’s playlist: “Such a Shame” by Talk TalkOn Mark’s playlist: Sleaford Mods, black midi, Monodrama, Sofia Comas


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