Episode cover of EP49: Consulting Skills: How to Give Advice Effectively

EP49: Consulting Skills: How to Give Advice Effectively

Profitable Joyful Consulting

  • 04/02/2021
  • 18 min

About this Episode

On the Profitable Joyful Consulting podcast, I teach you how to increase your profits and enjoy your business more. In this episode, you’ll learn how to give advice effectively as a consultant.  As consultants, we give advice for a living. But giving advice is not as simple as it may sound. If you’ve ever worked with clients who ask for advice but don’t take it, always say “no” to your suggestions, or just aren’t ready to hear what you have to say, this episode is for you. Inside it, I share how to give advice effectively so you actually help your clients create change.  Key areas discussed in this episode: One of my favorite ways to phrase advice (this comes from kind of an unusual source)  Some specific language to try next time you’re giving feedback The critical missing piece you need in order to give advice effectively  How to know when people are ready and able to receive your advice  What kind of client to beware of when giving consulting advice The habit to grow to become more effective at giving consulting advice  A few powerful ways to give advice Watch this episode on YouTube: https://youtu.be/x0b1lvln6ig or listen on your favorite podcast app: https://enlightenedmarketing.com/podcast to discover how to give more effective advice in your consulting business.