Episode cover of New Book: Left Right, Politics Explained for Millennials, Gens X Y Z and next generations

New Book: Left Right, Politics Explained for Millennials, Gens X Y Z and next generations

Ubuntu Cafe

  • 04/15/2021
  • 10 min

About this Episode

In this book, the author navigates in simple concepts to define Politics and its Actors, presented in Social Media Format to reach new and old generations, nowadays accustomed to learn from this disinformation outlets.This book shows, in few pages and easy to digest words, how Power, Politics, Interests and Capital, are three concepts that levitates around the control of one actor: The Workforce, you and me, and then how these three concepts combined, lead to the so called Left and Right in Politics and how Power, Left and Right Politics, Interests, Capital become into Political Parties, Religion, Military, NGOs and different forms of Government such as Democracy, Autocracy, Theocracy, Kleptocracy again to control The Workforce and gain access to Power under the name of Capitalism or Socialism.To understand politics, we must first identify the source of it, and this is POWER.POWER defined, we can move through POLITICS, Dictionary.com defines POLITICS as:  1.the science or art of political government.2.the practice or profession of conducting political affairs.3.political methods or maneuvers: 4.political principles or opinions: 5.use of intrigue or strategy in obtaining any position of power or control, as in business, university, etc.We defined Power, then Politics, now we move to Interest, Workforce and Capital.Learning what is Workforce and Capital, allow us to easily understand what Left and Right in Politics are.FIND MORE ON THE VIDEO OR PODCAST!Liked it? Show your love at:https://venmo.com/rodulfox​ Or:Bitcoin:15pSuouKr5JGyr85BDrU1pbWLUmS14edv7ETH Ethereum ERC20:0x98a901e5422d70646de9d87db4f91bc4582fed11LTC:LPZjP6GPGDUCCU2RwT1i2UoAfeS1J5KMgYDOGE:DRRsmqdJbf2bSdFwEV7jyLhbYstJNvsrwNPresented by Juan Rodulfo, available at: Ubuntu Web: https://ubuntu.cafe​ YouTube: http://bit.ly/3qZfjdJ​Podcast: Google: http://bit.ly/3kWlqx2iTunes: http://apple.co/3qWOgje​Spotify: http://spoti.fi/3pSZUdn​iHeart Radio: http://bit.ly/3aYZwpL​Amazon Music: https://amzn.to/387NRmL​Deezer: http://bit.ly/37QuXQU​TuneIN: http://bit.ly/2PeAaM6​and others.https://youtu.be/H0EH7iukShQ