Episode cover of 05: Conscious Consumption with Savannah and John R. Seydel

05: Conscious Consumption with Savannah and John R. Seydel

Healthy Home Take Control

  • 04/20/2021
  • 44 min

About this Episode

Today’s guests, Savannah and John R. Seydel, are newlyweds with a passion for sustainable living. In this interview, Savannah and John R. share ways that they are prioritizing sustainability in their home, life, and at work. They discuss how they have been able to give back to the community by making ethical choices for their wedding, home, and careers. They, also, include great tips for taking action at home, with as little effort as staying in bed.  Tune in to this episode to learn more about the amazing things Savannah and John R. are doing, as well as their mission to empower others and the inclusive opportunities available to you.    Show Highlights:    Savannah and John R. share the most sustainable part of their wedding  John R. shares how his background and heritage relate to his interest in sustainability  How we can make changes at home to transform our mind, body, soul, and family  The importance of asking questions to make sustainable choices at home  Savannah shares what she does for sustainability for Better Earth  Exploring ways the food industry can be part of the climate solution  John R. shares how he is working to make Atlanta more affordable, resilient, and equitable  The innovative ways Resilience of Atlanta is working to make Atlanta more sustainable  Cities that are working to become more sustainable  Ways Better Earth is making progress in Orlando  How to take action to be more conscious about everyday consumption  Savannah and John R.’s aspirations to make sustainability accessible to all   Links:  84 Lumber  Captain Planet Foundation  Resilience in Atlanta  Better Earth John R.'s Instagram John R.'s Twitter